Hi, my name is Naama Paulemont
I'm a Fullstack Developer.

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I am a software developer with a focus on full-stack web development. I have a passion for combining creativity, accessibility and reach towards all my projects to benefit the user.

I appreciate the simple things in life that inspire beauty. I always have a mind for the creative and technical. I welcome complex problems and challenges as they promote personal growth. I am eager to keep learning about technology and serve as a forefront developer in the tech industry.

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Mighty Axolotl

Mighty Axolotl is another NFT collection that I developed the website and smart contract for.



Axess takes advantage of the popularity of tools such as CodePen and JSBin among those learning web development by offering an NPM Package that allows for seamless integration of online IDE's into a web accessibility education tool. This low-overhead solution may be an opportunity to introduce millions of aspiring web developers, regardless of background, to web accessibility.

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MoonStock pulls up-to-date data from Reddit and Twitter, finds the sentiment of the comments/tweets, and provides a recommendation to "Buy", "Hold", or "Sell" based on the net sentiment, confidence score, and top comments from social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

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Mood Verse

Mood verse will generate a verse from the bible based on your mood! You can state your mood through a text input, or speech input.

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Dating application with a COVID-19 theme

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Word Finder

Find words based on a set of linguistic constraints!

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